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Crocs has a new line of shoes called Crocs Tone. It’s a line for women and are just like original Crocs, they lightweight and are odor-resisting. This line comes in 4 stylish models. And the new Crocs Tone shoe is a toning shoe!

And here’s a short video about this new collection:

I think these are sooo cute!
To celebrate Crocs’ new line, Crocs has launched a Facebook application that aims to change the negative tone of current headlines. It’s funny and cute…and positive.
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If you use Twitter, sometimes after following someone, you receive an Automatic Direct Message (DM) thanking you for following them.

They look something like this:

Okay, these don’t work…they suck.  I don’t click on the link and I’m very likely to unfollow you. So why do people send auto DMs?  Can someone please tell me why?

I see tweets like this more than just weekly:

Aghhh! My eyes!! Another Auto DM! Please stop the madness!!!
Jessica Segarra

I tweet all the time about how much I detest auto DMs.  So do you send auto DMs?  If you do, please STOP!
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Here are some great deals for doglovers! These deals end Thursday, February 10, 2011 at 9:59 PM EST

2 Pack of 50 Doggie Bags w/ Free Shipping only $4.99

Pugs Not Drugs T-Shirt $4.99 (Shipping is $1.99)

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I constantly see the tweet or facebook questions, ‘what are your favorite iPhone apps’? And since a bunch of my friends are getting the new Verizon iPhone, I thought I would put this post together.

In no particular order, these are my top five iPhone apps because these I use them A LOT. I have a bunch of apps but these are definitely my favorites.

EchofonFree or Pro $4.99 (currently on sale for $1.99)
I’m addicted to twitter and I use FOUR different Twitter apps on my phone. My hands down favorite is Echofon. They have a free version as well as a Pro version that regularly costs $4.99 (I have the Pro version because I manage more than just my personal twitter account). I plan on writing a post about all four Twitter apps some day…

I definitely like it because it’s one of the only apps that shows whether another tweep is following you or not.
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I just wanted to share this Facebook campaign with you. It’s HomeAgain using a way to get the word out about their pet recovery service and raising money for shelter pets. Personally, both my dog and cat are microchipped with HomeAgain microchips. I think it’s so important to have more than one way to protect yourself and your pets in case they are lost.

Between now and February 14th, HomeAgain will donate $0.25 to the Petfinder Foundation for each heart shared on facebook (up to $5000). There are 4 different Snoopy hearts you can share, see them below.

PS and by the way, I love Snoopy…I think it’s so neat that HomeAgain is using the Snoopy character to advertise their pet recovery service.

And another note that I always share with others, when you have your pet(s) microchipped, always, always register the microchip. When we microchipped our dog and cat at our vet office, they gave us a form and a tag with the microchip ID on it. You can mail in the form or go online, once you register your pet, keep the information updated. It happens all too often, a pet is found at a shelter, they scan and find a microchip but the owner never registered it.

Disclosure: I received nothing in return for this post. I’m a HomeAgain customer and a fan of so I wanted to share this with other petlovers.