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June 15, 2011 · 24 comments

Have you ever commented on a blog or asked a question and forgot to return to see if the blogger has replied to you? Often a blogger will have a checkbox option for you to select but if it’s a popular blog and they receive a lot of comments, your inbox may start getting inundated. Thus, why I never check the box on WordPress blogs that ask me if I want to receive follow up comments via email.

Earlier, I tweeted the following tweet:

And when I receive that email notification, I almost always return to the scene of the crime (the original post), so the blogger will receive another click-through. And sometimes I will even reply to their reply.

After the above tweet, I received a bunch of replies and retweets and a DM asking for help. So I thought I would throw this post together really quick.

I’m assuming you know how to install a WordPress plugin, if not see the bottom of this post for a link on how to install one. Install the Comment Reply Notification plugin and browse over to it in the Settings left sidebar.

Make sure you have this option selected. Your readers will only receive an email if the writer of the post or an administrator (most likely you) replies.

To further configure the email the commenter will receive, you’ll want to change the Edit Notification Message box up. I add in my email address to let them know who to reply to. I have not dug deep into the plugin code to see where I can change the reply-to email and have not seen it as completely necessary.
Be sure to leave most of what’s set up in the Edit Notification Message field for you, you want the commenter to be able to click back to their original comment easily. I have noticed some bloggers even take out their comment, denoted by [cc_content] so that the reader has to click back to their blog to see the response. That’s fine but at least leave the link to the original post. (The markup legend is below the Edit Notification Message field, I didn’t include it in the screenshot.)

Testing this plugin? If you reply to your own comment, it won’t work & you won’t receive a notification via email. I have a subdomain set up for both of my blogs where I test my sites so I played around there. I had to create another account with a separate email address and login to it and reply to my own comment that way. The plugin seems smart enough to know that you just replied to yourself.

Best way to test this plugin? Reply to a commenter (maybe someone you know personally or someone you know on twitter) and ask them if they received the reply notification. You can even ask them to forward the email to you so you can see it.

Some links that you may also find helpful:

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Richard September 16, 2012 at 1:26 am

Hi Julie,

Stumble upon your while searching for comment reply notification for my blog. Great tips and picture illustration and nice blog! I’ve installed it on my blog and it works great.

Thank you and hope to see you around~!


Katy @ All Sorts of Pretty March 13, 2013 at 5:22 pm

This is really helpful! Thanks so much!


Brian March 29, 2014 at 8:30 am

I have used this plug-in in the past, and loved it. However, it hasn’t been updated in years, and it doesn’t seem to work with multi-site installations. Have you found another plug-in that works?


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