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August 24, 2010 · 3 comments

Training has been great. I have been a little frustrated that I wasn’t getting enough in. But after getting some good walking in this weekend and reading this great post from John, another Energizer Keep Going ® Blogger, about balance, I realized that if I don’t get a walk in every day, it’s not the end of the world. It’s a great post and you’ll enjoy his site, he is amazing person who has walked in many, many Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure ® events wearing a pink bra. 🙂

This past weekend, I broke the 5 mile mark and walked 5.11 miles. It took me an hour and 35 minutes to walk that and I’m happy to say that’s less than the 20 minute mile that you are advised to try to stay at or under. This past weekend, my husband walked me with again. I’m so lucky I have a walking partner in him.

This is me and my husband, Curtis, one of my awesome walking partners!

We’re loving the walking together. When you walk, you start to notice things in your surroundings that you never really stop to pay attention to when you drive by. It’s really nice! We’re hoping to make this a regular weekend thing even after the walk this year.

I have been so lucky, I have only gone on two walks alone so far! One or two of three co-workers has walked with once a week since I started my training. It’s pretty amazing and I’m so lucky to have such huge support from co-workers whom I consider great friends of mine.

Pictured here is me, Lynn, Angela and Nancie (thanks to one of my bosses, BJ, for taking this picture).

When I told them that I was going to be participating in the 3-Day for the Cure, they said they would love to walk with me while I’m training!

Lynn is awesome, although she has only walked with me once, she is hugely supportive and has always been a great friend who listens and tells me honestly if I’m being completely ridiculous. 🙂

I have written about Angela before, she is an awesome friend as well. She is so sweet and she has even given me tons of route ideas and gets so excited about helping me get even further in mileage.

Nancie, is a great friend, she gave me a huge hug when I came back to work last week after my cat, Roswell, passed away. She is very encouraging and supportive and like Angela is a fast walker so it’s great to work at trying to keep pace with them.

I’m so lucky to have four different walking partners! They are all so supportive and I said I’m lucky because I hear so many other people say that they have to walk alone.

The Komen Tampa 3-Day for the Cure is 10 weeks away! The goal for during the week is for me to try to walk a quick 1-3 miles every night after work. Like I said, I have made it past the 5 mile mark. This weekend’s goal is to surpass that and also walk 5-7 miles two days in a row. I have not done that much and have not done a back to back walk yet and I’ll let you know how it goes.

I feel like if I can do a 10-15 mile walk two days in a row in the next several weeks, I’ll feel more confident about the 3-Day for the Cure. It feels like it’s getting closer and closer.

Also, this past weekend, Curtis and I attended the Komen Tampa 3-Day for the Cure Expo, it was filled with sponsors and vendors selling walking gear and workshops on how to care for blisters and how to pack for the 3-Day for the Cure. I also got to meet two people I have been tweeting with on Twitter about the 3-Day for the Cure! I have tons to share and will definitely post that soon!

This is me at the Expo, more details and what I learned coming soon.

I’m still fundraising, it’s 10 weeks away…how about sponsoring me with $1 a mile with a $60 donation? If you can’t manage that, how about $0.50 a mile with a $30 donation? Your generosity is appreciated and you can donate here. Your donation will help fund much needed screening, diagnosis and treatment for women and men who cannot afford it as well as support groundbreaking research to find a cure.

Disclosure: Energizer is sponsoring my participation in the 2010 Susan G. Komen Tampa 3-Day for the Cure. They are also providing me with some Energizer goodies, which I will be reviewing from time to time. I am not receiving any monetary compensation. This post was written by me and the opinions expressed are my own.

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Crissy August 26, 2010 at 11:55 am

Man, this is inspiring me to get off my butt and walk!!!

Hey I had a question. Would you be interested in guest blogging at Dear Crissy next month? Looking for food/recipe/cooking/kitchen related articles with pictures! 🙂 Get in touch if you are!


Sue Rowland August 26, 2010 at 10:21 pm

Julie, just keep walking – even getting out for only a couple of miles helps. And once you get at the walk you are in the midst of such an uplifting spirit – people talking, laughing and crying, stopping to help others that need help – it’s almost like a river that carries you along. Not that it’s not a challenge but I found on my first walk that it wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated. So just keep walking!!!!!


Grace August 30, 2010 at 3:37 pm

That’s a lot of miles!!


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