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August 27, 2010 · 10 comments

I went to the Tampa Expo this past Sunday in Clearwater. We got up really early to make the almost 3 hour trek so we could meet our friends and their new baby! I made the baby shower cake in March so was so excited to meet little Amelia. 🙂 We had such a great time with our friends that we didn’t arrive to the Expo until 2:00. It started at 1:00 and ended at 4:00.

We spent the full 2 hours there and I think that was enough time to take in a lot.

First thing we saw when we walked in, why we walk!

Picture of the main ballroom when we entered.

Do you want to send a card or a letter of encouragement to a Komen Tampa 3-Day for the Cure participant?

Mail your card or letter (no packages, must be flat envelope) to:
SGK 3-Day for the Cure
Camp Post Office
Attn: Participant Name
PO Box 41611
St. Petersburg, FL 33743
**Be sure it is postmarked and mailed by Tuesday, October 19th!

I have read many blog posts of other Susan G. Komen Tampa 3-Day for the Cure participants and how they loved to receive mail at Camp. Be sure to send a letter of love and encouragement to your friend or family member. 🙂

Also, if you live in the Tampa/Clearwater/St. Pete area, there will be designated cheering stations where you can cheer on your family and friends. I’ll post the details once they post the official cheering stations online.

I met Katie (@KatieEGriffin) one of the 3-Day for the Cure tweeps I have been following on twitter.

She is helping her parents train a service dog while they are busy helping her sister for two weeks. It was very easy to find her in the huge crowd when she tweeted that she was going to have a service dog with her. 🙂 She has participated in four 3-Day for the Cure events and gave me some great advice. She likes the capri pants for walking and talked about icing your legs when you get shin splints. It was great to meet you, Katie!

Ignore the look on my face.

I asked Curtis to take this picture of me so I could see how the jacket fit on me before deciding to buy. There were no mirrors at the event. But there were several vendors including, New Balance Tampa, selling walking gear. I grabbed this jacket and a pair of New Balance capris for a steal! I also saw (another) Katie, a New Balance employee, whom I met at the 2009 Komen Central Florida Race for the Cure. I was the Sponsorship Chair last year and worked a little bit with her the day of the Race. It was great seeing her and hopefully will see her at the Central Florida Race for the Cure and the Tampa 3-Day for the Cure.

Also met up with Paula (@walking4boobs).

While I was roaming around (and Curtis was in the New Balance line for me), Paula spotted me in my Energizer Keep Going® Blogger shirt. So glad she noticed me because it’s hard to recognize people from their tiny twitter avatar. We talked about camel backs, lumbar packs and shoes. I can’t wait to see her at the Tampa 3-Day for the Cure event…I think it’s so cool to have met a couple of people already. I don’t feel like I’m all alone even though I’m not a part of a team.

Diagram of What the 3-Day for the Cure Camp is like

This is what the tent looks like and will be my home for two nights.

To give us an idea of what the route will be like.

Important Dates to remember...it's 10 weeks away!

It seems like October 29th will be here before I know it!

I went to two different workshops and I’ll briefly go over what I learned.

The first workshop I went to was Blister Care. I’m so lucky so far to not have suffered a blister…let’s hope it stays that way.

  • We learned that we should try to carry our own blister care kit in our packs or backpacks to avoid possible long lines at the medical tents.
  • Your blister kit should have neosporin, second skin and a healthcare grade large bandage.
  • When you get a blister, apply neosporin, then second skin, then the bandage or coverlet and then a lubricant, such as BodyGlide.
  • Use 1% hydrocortisone product or Body Glide to prevent road rash.
  • Someone recommended that we not shave our legs less than 48 hours before because this will lend to road rash.
  • Some people will use compression sleeves or not use lotion also to prevent road rash.

The second workshop I went to was Attack the Pack. It was a great workshop because I have been overwhelmed by what I’m hearing we need to pack as well as keep it under 35 pounds.

What you should pack in your lumbar pack or camel back:

  • poncho, the presenter says she packs 3 very cheap ponchos so she doesn’t have to worry about trying to dry them or fold them back into her pack
  • sunscreen
  • Body Glide
  • travel pack of toilet seat covers
  • handkerchief
  • blister kit
  • any medication you need during the day or at lunch
  • gold bond or blister shield
  • driver’s license or identification
  • health insurance card (must be on you at all times)
  • camera
  • debit card/cash
  • hand sanitizer
  • extra pair of socks (in a zippered plastic bag)

What to pack in your gear bag was next. The presenters had a bag already packed and it weighed 27 pounds. It was great to see a real live example (I should have taken a picture) and that you can really fit all of your stuff and have it weigh less than 35 pounds.

  • Be sure to put your tent assignment on your bag in masking or duct tape
  • Also, they gave us a great idea, to put your address label or a label with your name, phone number and tent # on your phone and camera; that way if you misplace them and they are found, it will be easier to return to you at Camp
  • She purchased those “Big Bags” made by Glad or Ziploc to put her clothes, sleeping bag, etc in them
  • Everything goes into plastic zippered bags because it may rain and everything in your gear bag may get wet. Everything I mean everything goes into one of those bags; everything she took out of her packed gear bag was in some sort of plastic bag.

Here’s the list:

  • 2 painting tarps (or cheap shower curtains) – 1 goes across the bottom (inside) your tent and one goes on top to ensure your tent stays dry if it rains or if there is dew in the mornings
  • sleeping bag (she had a small 2 pound one and had it in a plastic zippered bag)
  • air mattress that’s twin size and battery operated (also in a bag); she also recommended to turn one of the batteries upside down because sometimes they accidentally come on during transit and they motor will burn out
  • magnetic battery operated fan to put on the top of your tent
  • battery operated alarm clock
  • head lamp (for when you need to use the port-a-lets in the middle of the night)
  • 2nd pair of shoes
  • clothes pins to hold down the top tarp on your tent
  • drawstring backpack to hold all of your toiletries in; the bag is all packed and ready for you to take out of your gear bag and take directly to the shower trucks
  • flip flops (for the shower and to wear around camp)
  • sleeping clothes
  • outfits for walking for Saturday and Sunday (she had them all packed separately for each day in a separate bag)
  • sweats
  • small travel pillow (if needed)

Other things I heard or learned:

  • Eat dinner before showering every night, they told us stories of people passing out while in line to shower
  • Some people go to bed in what they are wearing the next day since it’s hard to get dressed in those tents
  • No headphones are allowed on the route for everyone’s safety – some people bring portable speakers for their iPod or MP3 player
  • Drink 2 bottles – 1 bottle of gatorade and 1 bottle of water between each pit stop; someone recommended to me that I do half and half and that’s what I have been doing in my training so both bottles contain water and gatorade
  • Each pit stop and grab ‘n go will have water and ice, make sure your bottles and camel backs have wide openings
  • Every stop has bathrooms (port-a-lets)
  • Don’t overpack because you’ll just waste space in your tent
  • The largest Tampa cheering station is John’s Pass and it’s on Day 2 and right after lunch. They told us it’s amazing!

I know this post has been very long but I wanted to cover what I learned at the Expo for those who did not get to attend.

I’ll leave you with this very powerful video, shared by Linda on facebook, she is a Tampa 3-Day for the Cure participant and Young Survival Coalition Orlando volunteer. This video shows, it doesn’t matter how young you are, you can still get breast cancer at a young age.

Disclosure: Energizer is sponsoring my participation in the 2010 Susan G. Komen Tampa 3-Day for the Cure. They are also providing me with some Energizer goodies, which I will be reviewing from time to time. I am not receiving any monetary compensation. This post was written by me and the opinions expressed are my own.

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Rhea August 27, 2010 at 5:59 pm

I’m glad you had fun at your Expo. I loved going to the one in San Diego.

What a brilliant idea to have travel toilet seat covers in your backpack for the porta potties! And I though I had found all the best tips already. 🙂


JulieD August 27, 2010 at 6:07 pm


Isn’t it brilliant? Wish I thought of it myself. I really thought I had a great list with combining lists from three different sources but going to the Expo made me feel much better. Thinking of you!


Jill August 27, 2010 at 6:04 pm

Julie, Thank you, Thank you, Thank You. Did I say thank You? I was not able to attend the expo because I am in KY. I was worried about all the information I would miss. I am a first time walker and this worried me a lot. I am a visual person so the pictures were wonderful.. Keep giving the info I would read all day.


JulieD August 27, 2010 at 6:08 pm

Hi Jill,

So glad this helped, if I remember this weekend, I’m going to post the full size image of those diagrams so you can see them better…I’ll let you know. Good luck on your training and maybe we’ll get to meet in Tampa? 🙂


Grace August 30, 2010 at 3:32 pm

Hey Julie! This event sounds like a lot of fun:)


Jill September 5, 2010 at 4:26 pm

Julie, One more question for you. What kind of weather should I expect? Trying to plan for Camp. What are the temps at night first of Nov. ? Thanks for any information you can pass along..


JulieD September 9, 2010 at 12:17 am

Hi Jill,

You aren’t going to be happy with my answer…I don’t know! 🙂 At the Expo, they told us last year was really hot and the year before it was very cold. How’s that for an answer? Last year, we decided to go away to St. Augustine (FL) for a weekend in October and it was unseasonably hot and the following weekend it was very comfortable. They told us to just be prepared for both. I will be watching the weather as we get closer and if you have any questions, you can always reach me here or via email. I’m sorry I can’t give you a clearer answer.


bonggamom September 12, 2010 at 1:16 pm

What a great post! I’m the Energizer blogger for SF (Oct. 1-3) and I’m definitely using this post as a resource.


JulieD September 14, 2010 at 9:04 pm

Cool! Thanks for hopping over to my blog (get it? 🙂 ). Glad you found the information useful. Good luck on your training!


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