Volunteering and saying thank you

May 24, 2010 · 1 comment

I just love this line of products from Ann Taintor.

A couple of years ago, one of my co-workers got me a set of emery boards with this very graphic on it. She laughed when she gave it to me. I have a problem of not being able to say no and people can sense it a mile away. Haha, just kidding. It’s my own fault that I can’t say no. I have gotten a lot better over the last couple of years. I do say no when I absolutely can’t do it but I still do overextend myself.

Which brings me to the other reason why I’m writing this post. I recently posted the following as my facebook status:

Just a thought…please and thank you go a long way. I’m not asking for the world here, am I? When you ask someone to do something and they do it for you, say THANK YOU. If you don’t say it, I’m less likely to help you out next time. That’s all. 🙂

I recently had an experience while volunteering. Another volunteer asked me to do something and when I did it, they didn’t even bother to say thank you. I’m not asking for much and I know this other person is a volunteer also but how about a thank you? I’m not saying that I expect something huge in return for my volunteer efforts, I volunteer for various organizations for a reason and it’s not for fame or glory but I believe a simple thank you is not that much to ask. How would you feel if you were in a similar situation?

I try to thank each and everyone that has helped me out throughout each day. If there is a moment where I think I might have forgotten to say those two words, I feel terrible. It’s not that hard to show appreciation to someone who has helped you out by saying those two words. And even if they are “just” doing their job, your day was made easier by them.

So I just wanted to say thank you for reading this post and visiting my new blog. 😀

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Ellen @ Dfs Pet Blog May 25, 2010 at 8:48 am

It’s the simple things in life that matter. I agree, a simple “thank you” goes a long way. I especially make sure I thank my kids for anything they do to help around the house – it makes them feel validated and motivates them to help more. Thanks for the post – it’s always good to be reminded.


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