Clone, what are you doing?

May 31, 2010 · 7 comments

Or I should say, Clone, why are you doing that? My husband wasn’t too happy that I posted the picture of our plastic covered couch on this blog last week. He thought it made us look tacky and ghetto. I beg to differ, it shows that we’re smart! LOL Just kidding. I think it just shows what we’re willing to do to ensure our couch doesn’t get ruined and us being realistic as we try to resolve this problem.

About a month ago, we thought our dog, Charley, was peeing on our couches. Our vet really thought it was Roswell because she is on a medication that may make her urinate more. We really thought it was Charley and had his urine tested twice as well as bloodwork. We were really worried and were thinking the worst was going on with Charley. It was really stressful because we were already dealing with his weight loss and low vitamin B12, which meant weekly shots at the vet office. We also were feeling like he was already given his fair share of health problems. Everything came back normal and the night we had Charley’s bloodwork done, we kind of figured out it was Clone. It was a couple of days later when I actually caught him in the act.

Clone in his cat tree

Clone just turned five years on May 5th and he is our rescue kitty from Space Coast Feline Network. His mom was a feral cat and my co-worker’s twin sister, who rescues cats, was trying to trap her. She was visibly pregnant but she didn’t catch her before she gave birth. A couple of days after Clone and his littermates were born, she found them and rescued them. A couple of days later, she was able to trap his Mom. My co-worker told me about the kittens and how there were two orange tabbies. We had always wanted to get an orange tabby. I worked on the hubs for a while and it helped that the oranges one had Star Wars names (named by my co-worker’s son) – Clone Trooper and Chewbacca. Below is Clone with his littermates. He still lays like every so often.

Clone and his littermates

So back to his inappropriate peeing in the house (outside of his litterbox). He has had two three urine tests, bloodwork done and an x-ray. No crystals in his urine and no bladder stones found his in bladder. The last urine test done this past Friday, they are doing a culture to see if there is any bacteria in his urine. We have switched his food to a low magnesium and low mineral diet. We have added more water bowls because his 1st urine test showed that his urine was really concentrated. We have added more litterboxes so we’re up to three now. We added a cat door into our office so he can go in there to use the 3rd litterbox as well as go in there as he pleases.

There has been a lot of disruption in our house, with removing of baby gates (for the dog) and adding them back in and stress with Charley hurting himself on the new ones. Roswell getting sick and having the vet tell us that she is probably near the end. We’re not really sure if this is a medical or behavioral thing for Clone. One thing I can say, it’s been pretty stressful. I think it’s hard enough dealing with one sick pet but we have been really stressed out dealing with all three pets sick.

Clone peed for a couple of weeks straight and then with some changes (add’l litterbox, water bowl and food change) stopped peeing for a week and a half. Then peed for several days and then stopped for several and then started peeing for several days. We are going on our second day with no pee.

We went to see our vet (together this time) this past Friday and that’s when we did the x-ray and third urine test (culture). She said that after these tests, we can say that we have done an exhaustive search and after they come back, we can definitely say if this is behavioral or medical.

We’re pretty lucky that we have a very nice and reliable vet. As well as being very accessible, she is very sympathetic and also wants what’s best for our pets. I always share our concerns and feelings with her as well as our cost concerns (when I am concerned). She does understand because Charley’s medications and food for his EPI are very costly. It’s hard because you want to do whatever it takes for them but there is the money thing too. We can afford what we can afford. I’m sure other petowners understand where I’m coming from and I wish we were all millionaires because the only stress would be about their health not their health and the cost of treating them.

The x-ray came back with no visible bladder stones. I feel bad but I was hoping that he did have stones. I don’t want him to be in pain but I wanted resolution. It’s been an emotional roller coaster with him peeing on our furniture. The hubs has been campaigning for him to live on our screened porch. For me, that makes me really sad, he would live out there and not really be a part of the family. When the vet came in to tell us negative for bladder stones, I told her what I was feeling. She said she knows what I mean, on the one hand it’s resolution but then it might have required him to have surgery. So after all, I’m glad he didn’t have bladder stones and of course, the last thing I would want for him is for him to be in pain.

He does this goofy thing sometimes with his tongue, he even sleeps with his tongue hanging out.

So we’re waiting on the urine culture to come back in a few days and as Curtis was discussing with the vet, he mentioned that we have outside and/or stray cats in our neighborhood and they come near our window (the couch Clone regularly pees on is under a window). She said that definitely can cause stress and cause him to pee on the furniture. So she suggested us confining him to the office (with the cat door) at night since that’s when he is doing the peeing (or early morning). We put food and water in the room and lock the cat door. The hubs felt so awful about locking him in there, that he went to check on him multiple times (in the middle of the night) to make sure he wasn’t crying to be let out. He didn’t hear a peep so we feel good that he is fine in there. This morning though he figured out how to unlock the kitty door and get out but he didn’t pee on the furniture. Score!

I do hope we can resolve this soon. As I mentioned before, it’s been stressful. The hubs even uttered the awful words, “maybe we should get rid of him” once. This started an argument even though deep down in my heart, I knew he would never do this. I told our vet that he said this and I told her that I knew he didn’t mean this. I only told her to illustrate how stressful it’s been. She agrees that it would be very hard because of the situation we have with all three pets.

I can say that we have been through our share of pet stress. We had a dog named Cinder and had to put her to sleep in August 2008, she had a lot of problems with her teeth and had multiple surgeries. Roswell’s mammary tumors and her two operations. But never have we gone through three pets being sick. The hubs said what he said because he was just so tired. He does so much for them and has a huge routine for them at breakfast and dinner time, I don’t know how he keeps it all straight and how he does it.

I have never understood how someone could just drop off their pet at a shelter to “get rid of them” or go to the vet to ask them to put them to sleep for a behavioral problem. I can say I still don’t understand it but I can say I can understand how people get to a breaking point. You spend a lot of money to find out what’s wrong and you spend a lot of money to fix things in your house or to resolve things. I won’t go into how much we have spent at the vet in the last couple of months but it has been a lot.

Clone sleeping in the office near me, as I'm writing this post

I do however understand a few things…a few things I have said over and over again in the last month. This family does not get rid of pets. We adopted them and promised to take care of them until the end. We will keep trying to fix things. We will keep trying to find solutions. It’s not easy but else can we do?

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Ellen @ Dfs Pet Blog June 2, 2010 at 11:15 am

Wow, Julie….you really have patience! Your vet sounds wonderful and it’s good that you’re working closely with her. Clone looks just precious, I’m sorry you’re going through such a stressful time. Hang in there.


Julie (thelittlekitchen) June 2, 2010 at 8:56 pm

Ellen, thanks for saying that. I feel like I have been just holding it together…stress is an understatement. Clone is so cute and he is a huge sweetheart!


Deborah Mendez June 16, 2010 at 8:02 am

Julie, I also have a houseful of rescues and also feed ferals in the driveway. When a couple of our inside cats started marking (and they are 100% inside with lanais access) it took me a long time to realize the occasion feral sightings were triggers. End of very long story was generic Prozac, given daily in pill pockets to the 2 piddlers. We’ve been “high and dry” for over 2 years. Vet writes the script and I fill at WalMart for $10 for 90 days!


kate August 10, 2010 at 6:30 pm

My siamese cat does this and its because my babies and autistic child have taken over the house along with the extra two cats we inherited from my mil passing away last year 🙁

Anyway, i picked up a plug in as per the shelter down the street told me to try out it is called feliway and you can find it on amazon cheaper than petsmart. Anyway it worked great but the draw back was that when the plug in was falling out of the wall. he started up again grrr i thought the plug in was out so i ordered refills from amazon and hubby found the plug in hanging out of the wall DOH! but its worth it to me because i love my phoenix way more and i told hubby if his moms cats are making him uncomfortable they need new homes because he was here first. And that came up because hubby wanted to get rid of him and i have had him since he was 8 weeks old now he is almost 8. the feliway is a pheromone and you cant smell it but you cant let it run out! some people have let it run out and not had to buy more but i have a siamese who is stubborn beyond belief so if you have this issue still or again then get the feliway and see how it goes.


JulieD August 10, 2010 at 11:20 pm


I’m glad that works for you! I know the frustration, believe me. Our Clone is now on Prozac. We asked the vet to call the prescription into WalMart and it’s one of the $4 prescriptions…so it’s a bargain for us. This and locking him in our office (spare bedroom) at night seems to have helped us.


Katie June 28, 2011 at 10:51 am

I know this is an old post, but I wanted to once again chime in and say that I wish there were more people like us who will do what it takes. We went thru the same thing with Vinny and while it sucked, if we didn’t do it, who would? No one would have taken a 12 year old cat with peeing problems. We were finally able to wean him off of his pills, too. You’re awesome, Julie!


JulieD June 28, 2011 at 11:04 am


Thank you so much, you’re so sweet. We tried to wean Clone off of the pills this year and he did it again so I’m thinking he’ll be on them for life. He’s a skittish, scaredy cat and started getting more stressed out and peeing when Roswell got really sick. I’m sure it had a lot to do with it. He’s the only pet who went looking for Cinder after she was gone & I know he was looking for Roswell after she passed away. He’s ultra sensitive so I hope the meds continue to help him and let’s not get started on how hard it is to get him to take them. LOL

You’re so right, if we didn’t, who would? Hugs to you, Katie. I know we’re on the same page about our pets. 😀


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